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Alopecia book

Written and Illustrated by

Caroline Ward

A story about living with alopecia

Childrens book about alopecia


Alopecia book
Alopecia universalis book
Childrens Alopecia areata book
Childrens Alopecia book
Looking at alopecia in the mirror

Bald patch

"One morning last year

I climbed out of bed,

I looked in the mirror

and saw a                         on my head!"

Childrens hairloss book
Book about hairloss condition aloepcia illustrations
Aloepcia Book Whatever Trevor


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About the author

Childrens Alopecia book
Actress and author of Whatever Trevor Caroline Ward



adult Alopecia book

Hi, I’m Caroline! I’m a children's author and actress from England.


One morning I woke up with a small bald patch on my head, and that morning, I began my journey with Alopecia Areata. Learning to live with alopecia was a big adjustment. It wasn’t easy but I eventually found tools to help me.  I discovered a new way of looking at my condition that has changed everything.  


‘Whatever Trevor’ began as a personal project for myself and my family, and I now hope that this book will help others in the way it’s helped me.

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